PATRICIA HAMILTON is a fifth generation Californian, descended from Sylvanus G. and Jane C. Gale, Methodist ministers in the Retreat of Pacific Grove from 1890-1893. She has authored three Monterey County Guides: Free and Fun Things to See and Do in Monterey County, Monterey County Guide, and Monterey County Guide Events Art Calendar. Her most recent book, a 2007 eco-travel guide, California Healthy,  became the first ever in-room green guide for Marriott Hotels, and won the IRWIN Award in 2008 for most creative ad campaign from the Book Publicists of Southern California. She is currently working on a memoir to gain wisdom from her life to pass on to her grandchildren, Zack and Grace, to help them more confidently navigate their lives.

Gramma Trisha, Zacky, and Gracie-bug. 2008

Gramma Trisha, Gracie-bug, and Zacky. riding the small gauge train at the Folsom Zoo. 2008


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