“I feel very fortunate that I chose to work with Patricia to self-publish my book, Two Centuries of Valor. I felt that she really valued my work and had a creative answer whenever we encountered a problem. If and when I take on another project, I will certainly turn to her again.” 2009 Sam Kier, author, Two Centuries of Valor, Pacific Grove, CA

“Patricia is a fantastic resource for writers who want to see their work in print. She is knowledgeable, creative, economical and efficient, and was enormously helpful to me during the process of self-publishing my book. In addition she has a great sense of humor and is a joy to work with. I highly recommend Patricia!” 2010 David Rasch, author, The Blocked Writer’s Book of the Dead, Carmel, CA

“Patricia published my book, Mathematics and The Human Condition. She gave great advice and helped with all facets of the publishing process. The finished product was all that I could ask for, and I have received much praise for the look and quality of work. She is a pleasure to work with, and makes sure that the writer’s strengths are clearly shown.” 2007, Victor Selby, author, Mathematics and The Human Condition, Pacific Grove, CA

“Patricia has been working with me for a while towards the final publication of my book. She has continually given me direction, insight, motivation and her professional opinion to carry me to the goal of a published book! I am thrilled I found her!” 2012 Marilyn Wheeler, author, Lost and Found in Macedonia, owner, The Wellness Center, Monterey, CA

“I worked as editor on several books published by Patricia’s company, Park Place Publications. Patricia is a true professional; she expects high quality work and is always collegial. She is available for consults on specific issues and works hard to give her clients the very best service. Her designs are excellent and enhance the author’s message. I highly recommend her.” 2012 Nina Solomita, Professional Writing Services, Sausalito, CA

“Patricia is committed to her work. She walks with you all the way providing regular feedback and progress reports, meaning you are never alone. She provides solutions to what may seem impossible and her pricing is affordable by any standard. You will not regret working with her.” 2010 Mwiya Situmbeko, author, Zambia Unlocked, Zambia, Africa

WalkingLives“Patricia has 30 years experience in book publishing. I met her about five years ago after she was recommended to me as a “book shepherd”. She formatted and published two of my books, TO MAKE THE HOUSE COMPLETE and WALKING FOR OUR LIVES, both of which you can view on Amazon. I have found her very knowledgeable and helpful and fun. We have become the best of friends. I am pleased to recommend Patricia Hamilton.” 2012 Donna Rankin Love, author, Walking for Our Lives, Capitola, CA

“Patricia made an autobiography I wrote as an amateur into a polished and professional looking book that is now in the hands of many and in libraries as well. A friend of mine had a different company do his book and charged him three times as much for a product that was not even close in terms of professional appearance or saleability. It’s my pleasure to recommend her.” 2009 Bob DeWeese, author, Once a Teacher, Always a Student, Carmel, CA

“Patricia is an invaluable assistant for anyone seeking to self-publish.” 2006 Kerry Wood, author, Past Perfect, Pacific Grove, CA

“I’ve recommended Patricia for a number of writing/publishing projects and my clients report that she does an excellent job for them. Great at helping people through the hurdles of the publishing process and helping them determine how they want to self publish their own books.” 2002 Don Monkerud, author of numerous books, Capitola, CA

“Patricia is both a detail-oriented person and a “people” person. She facilitates all phases of a publishing job, working with authors and editors and everyone associated with the project until she brings out a gem any author can be proud to acknowledge.” 2012 Michael Sizemore, journalist, The Cedar Street Times, Pacific Grove, CA

“Patricia is an excellent publisher. She is very patient and works well with all different personalities. She is available when you need her and is prompt in completing the projects. I recommend her wholeheartedly.” 2010 Carol Robles, Steinbeck Scholar and Guide, Salinas, CA

I had never worked with a publisher and did not know what to expect when I engaged Patricia Hamilton to help me with my first book. We were off to a great start as she encouraged me to share in detail what I hoped to accomplish. She allowed me time to browse through her bookshelf for ideas, and every question posed throughout the process was responded to in an expeditious manner. She was patient with my myriad of changes and enthusiastic when I wanted to include colored photographs. The book went to press and I spoke with her about writing another book. She expressed interest and pressed me to begin by putting my thoughts down as they come to mind. Patricia inspired me in many ways and I am grateful to her for the process and experience. 2013 Victoria L. Carns

“Patricia is a total publishing professional. She brings a lot of knowledge of the business, and works hard to keep pace with the industry. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking to get their work into print.” 2012 Cameron Douglas, Senior Journalist/Photographer, The Cedar Street Times, Pacific Grove, CA

“PATRICIA is a talented writer and a fabulous Publisher. She has been most helpful in publishing several books of friends and family. And when I finish my re-writes, I will consult her too!” Ixchel Leigh, CEO & Perfumer, IXCHEL ECOLUXE

“I worked with Patricia on a project some years ago. I didn’t know that through this working relationship I would find a new friend. Patricia is very professional, motivated, and knows how to motivate people. She knows what she wants and gets it in a very kind and professional way. She’s a breath of fresh air. Anyone using her services is a very lucky person!!!” 2012 Linda Rodriguez, owner, Functional Nutrition, Carmel, CA

“I have found Patricia to be responsible and creative— as a researcher, writer, editor, publisher, marketer. She has a passion for publishing, and it shows in her work.” 2012 Brad Herzog, author of numerous books Pacific Grove, CA

“Patricia selects compelling projects and is a thoughtful project planner. She conducts research in a methodical manner and collects and applies pertinent information efficiently. She produces materials of excellent quality and markets her products successfully. Patricia is also a pleasure to work with.” 2012 Phyllis Edwards, Editor at Hampton Brown, Monterey, CA

“I’ve known and worked with Patricia Hamilton for approximately three years. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of publishing from production to marketing and is a pleasure to work with, both as an individual and a professional.” 2012 Gene Harris, owner, Gene Harris Design, East Coast

“Patricia and I have worked professionally, as partners, in facilitating writers/authors with the publishing of their books. In this capacity, Patricia has inspired first time authors to pursue their dream and vision by guiding and assisting them to bring their book to print. Her knowledge and ability to identify and embrace a potentially successful new project has revealed itself repeatedly. I have had the distinct pleasure of acting as her manufacturing partner on several occasions and together we have published/produced a number of terrific books. This includes but is not limited to Cook Books and Children’s Books. I recommend her services and endorse her with confidence and the highest respect and admiration.” 2012 Robert Clark, CEO, Resource LOGIC, Inc.

“Patricia was instrumental in providing excellent guidance on publishing our 2nd book. Her creativeness and expertise using InDesign helped put a fantastic product together which helped our book sales. Also, her timeliness and consistent communication on the progress of our project was critical to the roll out. Thank you Patricia!” 2012 Arthur Miramontes, Miramontes Books

“I’ve known Patricia for several years and am impressed with her on-going ability to run her publishing company. She is organized and manages the nuts and bolts of her company well. Additionally, Patricia is a good networker and gives stellar support and service to all of her clients. I recommend her without hesitation.” 2000 Amy Krupski, Harpist, Pacific Grove, CA

“As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I was delighted to have had the pleasure of passing on the knowledge and practice of Reiki Mastership and the Teacher Degree in 2008 to Patricia Hamilton. Over her studies and afterwards, I saw her a wonderful, caring, knowledgeable Spiritual Teacher and Healing Practitioner. Her enthusiasm and passion for sharing the wonderful benefits of Reiki is a joy to behold. I highly recommend Patricia as she shares a deep concern to help others help and heal through her expertise in this healing art—and in her book business.” 2008 Claire Candy Hough, owner, Angel Healing House, Los Angeles, CA