Editorial Services

Line Editing: We recommend that every manuscript have at least a Line Edit prior to publication. Also known as proofreading, this is a basic but thorough read-through to catch errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. 1-cents per word

Content Editing: In addition to performing the services outlined above in the Line Edit, a Content Edit involves suggestions and corrections as to word choice and sentence structure to increase readability. We will also check for consistency and, for fiction, plot holes and similar problems. 2-cents per word

Developmental Editing: This process takes place before a Line Edit and involves an in-depth analysis of your project in terms of genre, target audience, and overall concept. We’ll be looking at issues like whether your book meets the expectations and traditions of your chosen genre, whether it’s appropriate for and will appeal to your target audience, and whether the concept feels current for today’s market. After we’ve read and analyzed your manuscript, you’ll receive a letter outlining its strengths and weaknesses, and our recommended changes. Once the Developmental Editing is completed and you are ready to proceed with publication, we will perform a Line Edit to clean up any spelling errors, typos, and the like. 4-cents per word

Please Note: Our editors are college-educated professionals, located on the Monterey Peninsula, with extensive backgrounds in journalism and publishing. They each meet national industry standards for accuracy. They are also human beings, and Park Place Publications cannot guarantee a 100% error-free book. We strongly recommend that the author review the changes recommended by the editor before the book goes to print to ensure it is as perfect as humanly possible. Please let us know if you are dissatisfied in any way.


Marketing Services

Back Cover Copy: Your book’s Back Cover Copy is an important sales tool. Also known in the industry as “flap copy,” this is the place readers usually turn to first to determine whether a book’s concept, theme, setting and characters appeal to them—in other words, whether they’ll buy the book. Back Cover Copy is also what you’ll use for the book’s description for Amazon and other online retailers. Don’t overlook this important step in marketing your book! $150

Press Releases: Let us write a press release for the local, regional, and/or national media to publicize your book’s release or other news related to your book or you as an author. $100 per page

Summaries, Synopses, Film Treatments, Query Letters: We can help you create these important documents for presenting your work to traditional publishers or the film industry. $200-$300

Miscellaneous Services

Typing/Transcribing Print: Got a handwritten manuscript or one created on a typewriter? We can turn it into a Word document—the first step in creating an actual printed book. We can also transcribe books dictated into a recorder or recorded interviews. $3-$5 per Word doc page, straight typing, no editing. Minor corrections, add $2-$4 per page.

Transcribing Audio: Digital recordings mp3 or later computer files, cassette recordings, DVD/CD recordings. Price dependent on quality and length of recording. Please inquire.

Indexing: Once editing and design are completed for a nonfiction work, we will make one more pass through the book and create an index. 0.5-cents per word

Rates based on the mid-range in a survey of 23 professional organizations for writers and editors conducted by Writers Market. Subject to contract review, or change without notification. Thank you.

Questions? Call 831-649-6640. Please call for an appointment or a free initial consult about our services and products. Thank you.